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Has the rush to exit the embattled Energy Charter Treaty crossed a threshold of no return?

Photo by Kev Seto / Unsplash

“If most members of a group make the same behavioral decision – to join a riot, for example – we can infer from this that most ended up sharing the same norm or belief about the situation, whether or not they did so at the beginning.”

Mark Granovetter ‘Threshold Models of Collective Behavior’.

Collective processes are driven by individual thresholds. Whether a natural person, a juristic entity or a nation state, each ‘individual’ varies in their limits for joining or leaving a group activity. However, according to American sociologist and professor at Stanford University, Mark Granovetter, a decision to engage in (or depart from) a collective activity depends heavily on how many others have already decided to do so – regardless of whether that decision concerns the right time to leave a dinner party or to join a riot.

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